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I am a Springfield, MO native who grew up active in sports, art, graphic design, and music. I am a professional musician who has played for 18 years.

In 2010, I decided that I needed a life change and enlisted into the United States Marine Corps. In the Marine Corps, I was an Aircraft Mechanic on the Lockheed Martin KC-130J aircraft at Squadron VMGR-352 Aerial Refueling in San Diego, CA. I was Medically Discharged in March of 2015 due to inuries sustained in training under Honorable Status.

Since my service to this country, I have graduated from the Aviation Insitute of Mechanics with honors and extended my education to Centriq Training for Full Stack Web Development where I find great passion and enjoyment in Front End Development.

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Detail Oriented

Being part of a team in the Marine Corps incorporated detailed, precise projects to ensure the safety of aircraft passengers. It taught me the importance of detail and the ability to communicate that detail with a team to accomplish a task with strict time guidelines.


The detail and team building I learned translated well into mid-tier and front-end developement. Dedication, Honesty, Commitment is what I bring to the table.

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Bass Guitar Demos

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This is a demo site for someone who would want to build a page to convey an interest and to help network with others that are also interested in the subject matter. Users can subscribe to the website, submit ideas on the subject matter, and contact admin for any needs.

For this project, I chose something I personally love to use as the subject matter: Bass Guitars. I have played bass for 18 years and its apart of my every day life.

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Interactive Resume

My online resume

This website is a simple, sleek design for my personal resume. It features multiple pages, interactive accordion style drop down with link within the menus.

I invite you to follow the link and take a look.

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WebStore Example

This is a project for a simple web store.

The store includes a simple shopping cart and inventory

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My Fellow Classmates

It is an honor to help network my fellow classmates and their hard work, dedication, and imagination.

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